22 April 2014

Globetrotting for Chocolate Lovers

One such delicacy that everybody craves for is Chocolate! Let’s take you on a choco-filled tour across the planet:

  • Flanders, Belgium: People of Belgium just love chocolates. They are fond of innovation and quality and look for the same in their chocolates. Flanders in Belgium swanks some of the most creative and finest chocolate makers. Check out for the amazing creations of Hans Burie in Antwerp and the orient inspired contributions of Laurent Gerbaud in Brussels. Brussels and Bruges both boast of the museums where one can learn more about the production and history of chocolate.
  • Ghana: Now when you take a bite of your favorite Dairy Milk, say thanks to Tetteh Quarshie. He is the person who first planted the cocoa seeds in Ghana, thereby giving birth to the chocolate industry. This made the country of Ghana the main exporter of cocoa in the twentieth century. Visit the first plant of cocoa at the Quarshie’s farm in Ghana and also learn about the production of chocolates at ‘Tafo Cocoa Research Institute’.
  • Switzerland: This lovely nation has the largest per capita consumption of chocolate in the world and has produced some of the famous makers: Nestlé, Toblerone and Lindt. To have some fun in the factory, visit the ‘Nestlé Calliers’ site near Gruyères. For handmade top truffles and pralines, check out one of the Sprüngli outlets. This company is known for making cocoa since the year 1836.
  • Paris, France: Paris forms the heaven for chocolate addicts. A visit to any one of the outlets of ‘Robert Linxe’s Maison du Chocolat’ will set you drooling. Learn to make chocolates at the cocoa cooking class in ‘Lenôtre Culinary School’. If you are left with some time then go and try some scrumptious chocolates at the ‘Salon du Chocolat’ festival.
  • Bourneville, Birmingham, England: Birmingham’s world of Cadbury feeds our need to drool over huge vats of dark brown yummy liquids and see the bars come out through the wrapping-machines. Go and take the tour in Bourneville and get crazy in the largest Cadbury shop of the world.
  • Hershey, USA: Go and visit this place filled with the sweet aroma of chocolates. The headquarters of Hershey’s empire has produced a complete resort of choco-themed entertainment. Sip some choc-martinis in a themed restaurant at Hershey and also get smeared with the healing cocoa at the Chocolate Spa of Hershey. So sweet.

Get ready to swim in the luscious brown fantasy. Visit these exquisite destinations and ensure for yourself a fun filled and chocolaty vacation. 

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