21 February 2018

Top Things to do in Phoenix

Phoenix is the best destination to visit in winters. Explore the mesmerizing beauty of Phoenix along with your family and friends. To escape from the harsh winter visit here for the museums, fun activities, awesome natural surroundings and lot more. It has a very diverse and high quality food recipes to nourish your taste buds. To have such great journey there are various travel online portal which provide cheapest flights from Phoenix to India. Because we are giving here the best glimpses of the Phoenix which will definitely attract you toward it’s natural beauty. During summertime it is very hot so carry sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh weather. Phoenix is gonna surprise you at each step. 

Take a walking tour of Downtown Phoenix

To walk in the local street is the best way to seek the beauty of Phoenix. Although, Phoenix is spread over in a large area, the Downtown is best place to have the magnificent glimpses of the Phoenix. To have a walk in the streets will let you feel the pleasure to travel. If you are not that much fond of walking than there are options of bike riding and trolley tours. You can get the the informative knowledge about the hidden places of the Downtown. By walking and listening the stories about the rich history. Such a beautiful walk will take you toward your old childhood days. 

Admire unique Street Art

The very colorful and artistic place Phoenix gives you surprise at every step. More you will explore, more you will fell in love with the admirable Roosevelt Row Arts District in downtown. Phoenix is the attraction point for all of it’s paintings, galleries and exhibitions. Every instragrammer had always dreamt about capturing the best artistic view of these streets. Full of amazing arts it is the hub of the artists and gives the opportunity to showcase your talent. 

Visit the Desert Botanical Garden

When you are living midst the green forests and the green lap of nature. For you the most fascinating place is the Desert Botanical Garden. Here are the acres of beautiful desert living species of flora like cactus and succulents. All flourishing around those glowing red rocks. Such magnificent art by nature fills your soul with amusement. Such beautiful landscapes steal your heart and fill your soul with beautiful memories. Everlasting memories which never stay apart from you.

Visit Heard Museum

If you are having a thirst of getting knowledge and collecting information about the history. To quench your thirst The Heard Museum is the best place. It is full of traditional and contemporary native American art and present the best stories of Indian American people. You will really enjoy the way they had exhibit the stories and connected with the common people.

Take a day trip to the Verde Valley

If you are a fond of tasting the best wines. Then, you might be surprised that here is the Arizona the best wine industry in the world. It had undergone the phenomenal growth from past few years. Phoenix gives you the variety of restaurants featuring some world best award winning wines cultivated from Arizona orchards. The picturesque beauty of the Verde Valley requires a whole day to explore it’s incredible beauty. Have fun with a full glass of wine. 

Take a Hot Air Balloon ride

The magical experience to travel in the air is the best adventure you can get here. As, you are going higher in the air, you started to have the best view of the desert, streets, roads and the highways looking like a snake. People shout, cheer and express their happiness by taking picture in the air. Surely, it will be a fun to ride in the hot air Balloon and to listen all the stories from your captain. After landing people still feel the same enthusiasm and energy which they were feeling previously. 

Take tour of Taliesin West

A true example of the architect Taliesin west is serving both a winter home as well as a school of architecture. Built in 1937 by Frank Lloyd Wright it is the perfect blend of desert surroundings with a beautifully designed home. The picturesque beauty of home is really appreciable. You can enjoy the beautiful interiors as well as exterior of the home. The whole Taliesin West is the soul of Wright’s imagination. The modernize designs are perfectly made by him. If you are not fan of Frank than definitely after this you gonna became his fan. 

Visit Musical Instrument Museum

Newly opened Musical Instrument Museum has a very unique and attractive collection of the instruments. If you are a music lover than you will get lost midst those beautiful instruments. As, a music maniac the instruments will definitely attract you to listen their tunes and sound. To make your visit more attractive, during the entrance you will get a headset which will allow you to listen the video and audio performance as you approach them. To make it more cool and impressive here is the Encore gallery - a room which is full of instruments and allowing you to play them all. Isn't it fun to be there. 

Love and live to eat

People are maniac about the cuisines and the recipes of the food. They are so much fond of eating that they can’t resist them self from eating. Phoenix will not disappoint you in terms of eating. The delicious food and the tempting presentation is the most attractive for you. Some best from the best cafe and restaurants are given for you; 

Hash Kitchen- Bloody Mary top taste
Barrio Cafe- Best Mexican food you can try
The Sicilian Butcher- to have the delicious meat balls
Mora Italian- Having the best Italian cuisines
Postino Wine cafe- To have a best wine glass