31 May 2014

5 Amazing Places to Visit Before You Die

One must experience the Earth’s beauty with full enthusiasm. You may never know, what comes as your last day. So, it is very necessary to travel. Travel to places you have never been before. Explore the magnificent landscapes, sea shores and lakes of the World and make your life worth living. Here, we get you a list of top five getaways, where you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

Sea of Stars
Sea of Stars
Sea of Stars, Maldives: Maldives being a favorite destination for tourists has a secluded place which is mystically stunning. This place lies on the Vaadhoo Island of Maldives, which practically abodes zero inhabitants. The place consists of a Sea of Stars that appears as if the sea water is posing the reflection from the stars in the sky. But, in real, it’s not the stars that are reflected in the water. There are many marine microbes, known as Phytoplankton, that cause bio luminescence in the sea water.

Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
    Tunnel of Love, Ukraine: An eye-catching avenue in the city of Klevan, Ukraine, is a railway track which is completely sheltered in a tunnel of leaves. This is a perfect romantic spot for couples. The track is used thrice a day by a train that delivers woods to a private factory nearby. The greenery all around makes it look like a green corridor and attracts many romantic pairs to visit it. It is believed that in this Tunnel of Love, if a couple truly wishes for something then their wish is surely granted.

    Enchanted Well, Brazil
    Enchanted Well, Brazil
    Enchanted Well, Brazil: One of the famous wonders of Brazil located in the Chapada Diamantina National Park, known as the Enchanted Well or Poco Encantado. The water in this well is about a 120 feet in depth and is so clear that an ancient rock sand tree trunk and the rocks are visible through the lake. When the sun’s light falls on the water a crystal clear blue reflection perceives all over, which creates a mesmerizing view for the onlookers. This place is like a heaven and should top the charts of your must visit list of places.

    Antelope Canyon, USA
    Antelope Canyon, USA
    Antelope Canyon, United States: Another famous destination on which you could march upon is located in the Arizona, United States, and known as the Antelope Canyon. The area has a spectacular view with sunshine lighting up the bottoms of the 120 feet deep Antelope Canyon. This naturally built slot canyon is split into two sections, popularly known as ‘The Crack’ and ‘The Corkscrew’. This is brilliant view for tourists visiting here.

    To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa
    To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa
    To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa: One of the most idealistic places to find peace is to take a dip in to the To Sua Trench of the Lotofaga village, located on t he South coast of Upolu. Basically, this area looks like a giant hole, which was constructed into a swimming pool for majority of tourist attractions. The water flows in this pool through a lava-tube tunnel and a ladder is vertically placed for divers to jump in to the waters and swim which is surrounded by gardens.

    So, now you have the top 5 places list of places, to visit before you die. It is very necessary to explore the beauty of the heaven Earth, on which we live. We live once, and should enjoy every bit of beauty that life offers. 

    19 May 2014

    Top 5 Healthiest Tourist Destinations

    What excites a traveler-buff is a serene place to explore that is also a healthier one. With healthy place, we mean touring places that are famous for their fitness regimes and health records. Places like San Diego, California have the optimum work out weather and Madison, Wisconsin is rewarded as the best place for biking.

    When a traveler looks for a holiday package to boost up his spirits during the vacation, he gets attracted to a place offering him a bucket-full of activities to enjoy with family. Below mentioned are some suggestion of healthy places, where you can travel:

    Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii
    Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii: This serene beach is the top choice for those who are fond of the sea and water sports. Tourists have lots to explore in the natural beauty of the Hanalei Bay along with visiting the historic places. This Bay provides beaches with a pack of fun-filled water sports. These sports include scuba diving and surfing. Also, you can experience the paddle boarding at the Big Island at Hawaii. Here many activities like surfing, hiking, climbing, snorkeling and kayaking are available at your service.

    Spain: If walking is your way to workout, then the Picos peaks of Spain can be your ultimate destination. The gorges in Spain are a must visit place, especially in the summers. You will enjoy trekking the most in this place along with the scenic beauty of the place. The peaks are rewarded as the third highest mountain range in Europe and also have limestone peaks, valleys and ridges. You can also park a picnic base in the Fuente De National Park, located at the centre of the range.

    Florida: A place which capitals World’s finest beach spots, Miami, has one of the healthiest city tags. The place is having cleanest cycling trails, where you can do cycling along with other commuters of Florida. For more exploring, you can visit the trails from Jacksonville to Baldwin or Gainsville to Hawthorne. In the day time, the beaches of Florida await you, where you can relax and play golf. Don’t forget to visit the Cuban town of Havana.

    Sweden: This summers, plan your trip to view the cool air of Sweden which is layered with snow even in the months of April to June. This place has the cleanest of skiing views and can be started from the Ǻre Ski Resort. The Riksgrasen Resort is also a famous tourist spot where you can do the skiing. Other activities which you can enjoy are snowboarding and snowmobile safaris.

    Caribbean: If swimming is your passion then dive into the waters of the Caribbean. Swimming is an excellent complete body workout. You won’t be able to resist the clean waters of the Caribbean and would rush to your nearest Caribbean seashore. Once you get there, you should never miss the opportunity to sight-viewing the islands while swimming with certified guides. The exotic and clean beaches of the Bahamas are also a must visit place that you should enlist in your travel list.

    While exploring the globe, just take a tour to the healthiest places present and prepare a travel list. Set yourself to explore the different parts of the world those are famous for one or the other kinds of exercises.