9 February 2017

This Valentine’s Day ‘Travel’ Is In The Air

Let’s all face it! If you are here you have already survived those moments, some awkward some foolish enough on this most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day! Yet another year when we have given Valentine’s day a chance and tried to play our silent part in the celebration of love. We have survived it as a loner and also have been to the other side when our partner is eager to show us with valentine’s day gifts and all the love in the world. But it's not awkward and definitely not a crime if you are not ready for a date just because each person on this planet is doing it.

The core idea is why to survive this day when you can just escape it! Book cheap tickets to India from the USA and plan your own smooth escape and bookmark this article as your life hack for many more years to come.


Why Kee? The reason is simple! Kee is the escape from life in the true sense and most importantly is the value addition to your life. You are required to pre-plan your trip to Kee as it takes 3 days to reach Spiti Valley from Delhi via the route of Rohtang Pass. Stay at Gompa and relish the world far away from the bustle of the world.


If you are already in Delhi and looking for a short solo escape from it, Pushkar indeed is an ideal destination for a great getaway. More than the world renowned temples in this town, this place is well known for the growing happy-hippie culture. Pushkar is also noted as a great opportunity for cafe-hopping and greeting fellow travelers. 

Rajmachi Trek

Go for a hike! Rajmachi is 70 km away from Pune and is a short hike starting from Udhewadi. For hikers alone on this trek, this experience could be an adventure of the lifetime. When you’ll stand at top of the hilltop, you will know how a change of place can provide you a change in perspective!


Walk away from all the chaos of the city and give yourself a refreshing treat from the mother nature. It takes a short two-hour hike to reach fort in Ratanwadi. Start your walk early in morning from the Amruteshwar Temple and spend your time on top of a hill.


Hampi has all that vibes attached to it which makes it a little different from the other destinations. The surreal ruins of Hampi will take you back in time and of people visit this place alone, it is one of those few places where you will get a chance to meet interesting and new people. Relish the drum circles at night and move on with the rhythm of this ancient town.

Vineyard Visit & Wine Tours In Bangalore

So what if you learn something new in this week of love? The amazing and prime vineyards near Bangalore can make for an amazing escape on this Valentine’s Day! Book your cheap flights to Bangalore from the USA and visit the renowned Grover Vineyards that are spread across 500 acres and we promise this amazing tour of Vineyards and wine making will completely refresh your senses.


With wildlife, forest, and mesmerizing calm, Madikeri unquestionably a promising getaway. Visit the well known Madikeri Fort, constructed in the 7th century! Explore few of the small and ancient villages nearby which are renowned for elephant camp and adventure activities for fishing and rafting!

We have just 3 words for you: Run Away Now! The clock is already ticking, the ‘Happy Valentines Day’ is just around the nook so you be better to be lost in wanderlust before all that Mayhem! Book your cheap flights to India from the USA and have a secret escape from the day of love.

7 February 2017

How To Spend Your Fab February In India! 5 Things You Must Do

When love is in the air and the year 2017 is a month old, you know it is time for fab February! That mainstream couples feel like hiding themselves in a cosmic zone where no one disturbs them and hurts their privacy. But yeah, life isn’t a fairy tale and majority of us end up spending our dates in a charmless manner! But yup, there are few of the lively souls which explore fresh elements and give fresh bloom to their bonding. Na, we aren’t being much philosophical, but yeah we are being a lil romantic to give a touch up to the weather of Feb month. Just get your cheapest flight tickets to India and take a look at our list of activities we have penned down to make February a best month to travel with your loved one! 

Spend Your Valentine’s Day In Pondicherry
Unspoiled beaches, Portuguese influence, French styled building and handicrafts, we are sure that love birds cannot wait any further to spend their lovely moments in this unique charismatic Pondicherry. Without even giving a second thought, hop onto Pondicherry in Feb month and have an unrivaled experience! Unlike any other crowded places here in India, Pondicherry keeps itself distinctive from all the buzz. Just sit or stroll through the sea shore with your soul mate and spend the beautiful evening visiting Auroville or just walking through lifestyle shops!
Do try to mingle out with the locals, some of whom still speak English with a British accent.

International Kolkata Book Fair

Even in this age of E-books, online PDFs and Kindle, where all knowledge stores are concentrated in your palm, we are pretty sure that there might be a lot of reader enthusiasts for whom theses kind of international book fairs are a synonym for celebration. International Kolkata Book Fair, starting this year on 25th of January till 5th of February , is the hub of cultural meets. Exhibiting uncountable variety of books, unlike other book fairs in India, this is not centered on sole benefits of the wholesale distributors which will make you fall in love with its environment. This festivals boasts a real-life experience of fair ground which not only hosts a vast collection of books but shows by famous lyricists, Indian poets and singers.
‘Great Britain’ is 2017’ s theme for this International Book Fair!

Explore Jaisalmer Desert Festival 
How about attending a fair-cum-festival which is not centered on any religion, instead solely focuses on festivity, fun of cultural extravaganza. It is a colorful festival held in the month of February every year. Organized on the colorful patterned land of Sam sand dunes, this Jaisalmer Desert Festival includes fun filled activities like turban trying competitions, camel races, mustache exhibition, puppet shows, fire dancers, folk dances and what not. You can even purchase exclusive and attractive handicrafts handcrafted by local artisans. Even if you don’t buy anything from here, one thing is sure which will remain within you, I.e. ‘ Authentic Rajasthani Feel’ and which is one of the best thing.
It is starting from 8th of February and will conclude on 10th of Feb. 

Goa Carnival 2017
 The party capital and Casanova of India, Goa tops the league when it comes to coastal beauty, rejoicing fun, festivities and energetic vibes. This place really know how to party right. From Christmas celebrations to Welcoming New year to Sunburn celebrations, Goa is certainly on for some more and more fun! Goa Carnival, held in the month of February is based on following the Christian tradition which involves dancing and drinking bouts and hedonistic feasts. The streets of Goa are fully decorated with vibrant colorful lights and a number of artist groups and bands perform dance wearing masks and wigs. The climax of this Goa Carnival is a colorful parade which is no less than any parades in Western countries.
25th of February is the date when this Goa Carnival 2017 commences!

Khajuraho Dance Festival
The lovers of traditional and classic art and festivity from all across the globe would surely love to attend this exclusive dance festival organized in the premises of renowned Khajuraho Temple. Commencing from 20th of February 2017, this is an ultimate dance festival of India. It is a week long celebration of classical dances of India. This fiesta presents unparalleled and amazing events of distinctive Indian dance forms which are nourished under patronage of many kings. You are bound to amazed by the graceful gestures and dance of artists also signifying various mythological instances through different dance forms! This festival is definitely worth a visit and is one of the most awaited festivals in India.

Free of scorching heat and winter chills, February is no doubt the best month to traverse India with your beloved ones! Wait no further, book your cheapest air tickets to India from Canada and fall in love with Fab Feb! 

1 February 2017

5 Things In Jaipur You Can’t Miss Out

So you are in the Pink City of Rajasthan, Jaipur!! Welcome to the world of the eye-boggling Jaipuri prints, exquisite delicacies, a rainbow of cultures and a larger than life heritage where every moment is full of princely and zeal! Catch hold of cheap flights to Jaipur India and now we are sure that if you are in Jaipur you certainly would want to extract the most out of your limited time and do no want to skip any prime part of this Pink City!
With all its richness and royalty, Jaipur has plenty to offer! Rich heritage, magnificent forts, warm hospitality, resonant culture, ample shopping options and mouth-watering cuisines- Pink City has it all!! however, if its the time that is limited we have penned down 5 things you really don’t want to miss out if you want to extract max out of your trip!!
Raj Mandir Cinema

Now you must be wondering, whats so special with a ‘Mandir’, but that is where you are mistaken! Raj Mandir Cinema is one of the finest and the oldest cinema in India that aims in providing a mega-kind experience accompanied by all the royal treatment a guest deserves! You will be amazed by its architecture and it is something to behold. The royal entrance of this cinema is something which will leave you mesmerized!
You need to visit this India’s most gorgeous theater!
Sanganeri Print Bed Sheets

Your trip to this pink city is certainly not Bonn-Voyage until you don’t purchase some souvenirs for your loved ones. The city of Jaipur is highly acclaimed for its exclusive textile like the Sanganeri print bed sheets. The bed sheets, with millions of patterns in vibrant colors, designs and motifs capture the essence of pink city in a piece of cloth and will doubtlessly make your trip more memorable!
Buy it for your relatives, you won’t regret it! 


Although, Jaipur is suffused with loads of other eating joints but your visit to this Lassiwala is something you will absolutely love and cherish. Amidst the row of plethora of shops, all being named ‘Lassiwala’ it is not easy to figure out which one is the authentic one! However, whichever you select, the sweet aroma of lassi in the earthen glasses is something you will remember for yours. Just go strolling on the I.Road, an iconic road of Jaipur and slurp on these yummy lassis!!

Hawa Mahal, Palace of Wind

You simply can't skip Hawa Mahal if you are talking about Jaipur!! Speaking Jaipur and not mentioning Hawa Mahal is just like mentioning cricket without Sachin Tendulkar! This pink and red sand stone architecture is the city’s signature and iconic palace and is a stunning example of the local artistry! You will be greeted with the amazing city views of the city at its top!! And, as the name goes there is Hawa hi Hawa in this uniquely ventilated heritage Mahal.
Pink City’s iconic Hawa Mahal certainly deserves the visit!! 

Well, Jewelry, we reckon this is the prime reason women go out shopping! To keep stocking up your bauble box, if this is the reason you are here, then you are at the right place!!
Jaipur, since ages, is well-known for its exclusive traditional jewels which have accorded with love even by Bollywood! The jewelry here is so unique and trendy that women would actually die for them!!! Polki, Kundan, fashion or intimation jewelry, Royal City has it all.
Look out for the local shops to find trending jewelry at reasonable prices!

With all these 5 things, we guess we have provided you with enough reasons to tempt you to book cheap flight tickets to Jaipur and add overhead things and places to your wish list once you arrive! Just put on the trainers and let globetrotters in you spark the wanderlust!!