24 November 2016

5 Things That Are Better To Buy On Cyber Monday Than Black Friday

No doubt that Black Friday boasts great deals and discounts, but it is certainly not the winner when it comes to clothing, accessories, shoes and few other items! Black Friday is grand, no doubt, but not everything bags exclusive discounts that day. It is a whole lot of challenge for the shopping enthusiasts to decide whether they should bite on the early Thanksgiving deals or hold for better bargains on Cyber Monday Deals. We at Tripbeam provide you with top 5 things that are best purchased on this biggest e-commerce holiday, Cyber Monday, falling on 28th November this year!

Beauty Products

Its a mystery that why would beauty stores hold a major sale on Cyber Monday, it is certainly not clear but they all are doing it! Since years we are seeing that major beauty stores are offering best site wide deals and discounts ever like The Body Shop, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, FragranceX.com, ELF Cosmetics and many more! Majority of these beauty stores had better and flexible deals and discounts on Cyber Monday in comparison to Black Friday deals.

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Cyber Monay deals on Travel

Well, Travel is actually a nice and good purchase to consider on Cyber Monday! If you aren’t in USA, but want to get your hand on Cyber Monday deals go for cheap holiday packages in USA. What we noticed that the there were similar quantities of deals on both Black Friday and Thanksgiving but observed that there were more deals on Cyber Monday(taking into account previous year deals) than other holidays combined! Apart from the flight deals and offer, you can even expect great deals on hotels bookings and cruises as well during Cyber Monday offers!

Clothing And Shoes

Cyber Monay deals on Clothing

Clothes, shoes? What are they doing during the Cyber Monday deals? Strangely, yes they find their place in the shopping list of the Cyber Monday! Well no doubt that there are a same number of deals on clothing and shoes on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the hotter deals could be find on Cyber Monday. It is our personal experience that though there were equal number of deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday but more money-saving deals found their way on Cyber Monday!


Cyber Monay deals on Electronics

People can find deals and discounts on Television all year round specially during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals but what we have observed that there are certainly more and hotter deals during Cyber Monday! There are 50% more worthy deals and discounts on Cyber Monday in comparison to Black Friday. Just don’t worry if you don’t spot your favorite deal during Thanksgiving or Black Friday, Cyber Monday is there at your rescue!

What About Electronics?

Cyber Monay deals on Beauty Products
You can expect to see great deals and discounts on tablets, cell phones and other miscellaneous electronic items! Though we cannot say that the deals are better than those on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, but there are equal number of deals on both the days! However, Cyber Monday holds an edge when it comes to deals on laptops. 

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