17 November 2016

Canada’s National Park’s Wacky Accommodations

Canada’s picturesque landscapes, pleasant weather and natural beauty captures hearts of the visitors. You just cannot leave Canada without spending ample time in the gorgeous parks of the country. Feel the nature closely through these parks and let your sole relax. You might just take a stroll through the National Parks but that may not do justice to it. Staying the night inside the park in tiny homes will get you the right thrill and feel of the place. The thrill of staying inside a National park is no doubt an attraction but your interest in it will rise multi-fold after knowing about these wacky accommodations that these parks have to offer. So avail cheapest flights to Canada now to experience a kick by staying at these bizarre homes!

Double Tents

Double Tent in National Park

A tent might not sound too strange or tempting with problems of bugs and leakage attached to it. But this is no such tent. The concept of tent in a tent is new and worth trying. Visit the Riding Mountain National Park, spend $55 and avail the double tent for the night. Its a comfortable stay with a bed and chairs in the inner tent for sleeping and chairs in the outer tent for relaxing!

Micro Cube

Micro Cube in National Park
Living in a house that is merely a 10 square meter cube sounds like a great idea, right? Its a little cube with double bedding, 2 chairs and a little window to give you the best scenic views before you hit the sack! Just the perfect idea of a fun mixed romantic getaway! You will have to spend $90 for a night to stay at this micro cubical house at the Riding Mountain National Park or Forillon National Park.

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Tiny Home on Wheels
Tiny Home on Wheels in National Park
If roughing up isn't your cup of tea, go for tiny homes on wheels available at Waterton Lakes National Park for $160 per night. These are modular homes with kitchen and toilet facilities on board. This tiny cute home can accommodate 4 people at a time and gives you wonderful scenic views from the window. Avail India to Canada cheap flight tickets and enjoy staying in comfy homes in a National Park.

Cocoon Tree Bed

Cocoon Tree Bed in National Park

How about sleeping in a sphere high up in the tress? Thrilling, right? A group of 4 friends, visiting Cape Breton Highlands National Park can spend a night in this interesting house for a price of $70. The experience you will gain on hanging from a tree in a round cocoon is just one of its kind! The panoramic views from the height is an added advantage.

Goutte d’Ô

Goutte d'O in National Park
A cute water droplet in the Fundy National Park is waiting for you to inhabit for a night. Though the drop is currently placed on a wooden platform, it will soon be hung for more thrill! Though it is small in size, due to the presence of a sofa bed along with hammock loft it is ideal for a couple or small family. For people into roughing up, this is a more comfortable option but cool!

These quirky accommodations tempt travelers to spend a night in the National Parks amidst nature with a dash of thrill and excitement! Grab cheapest air tickets to Canada from India for this wonderful experience!

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