29 November 2016

5 Simple Travel Tips For A Stress-Free Vacation

Vacations!! the word which instantly makes us cheerful and merrier! Amidst the heavy workload, we seldom look for ways to escape our monotonous life and seek for some rejuvenation!
They should be relaxing and not a consistent stream of stressful situations. You have booked your getaway to escape from the daily stresses of life and not to trade them in for the fresh ones! As relaxing as your voyage can be, few of the unplanned events can turn easily into an overwhelming event!
We have penned down this planning checklist of 5 travel tips to keep your getaway more memorable and a stress-free voyage.

1. Always keep a loose and flexible itinerary

Loose and flexible itinerary

It is very important to remember that the unplanned events can account for a lot of your holiday time! You do not want a slight snooze, a delayed flight or a canceled tour to throw away your itinerary plans!! Try to plan or schedule few activities for specific days but leave few days completely open and free. When your schedule is flexible, you are not rushing to finish everything on your travel list, you are exploring hidden streets, catching up a doze off at a beach for a while or just simply relaxing out at a cafe over a few drinks!!
You are certainly learning to enjoy the down time, which is the sole reason you went on holidaying in the first place. 

2. Take the pressure off

 Take the pressure off While Travel

Ever felt the need to just sneak away from the stresses and make the Friday night so epic and ended up completely opposite? When you have limited days of vacation amidst the heavy work schedule, an upcoming vacation can easily become only thing you are looking forward to! Loads of pressure to make this vacation perfect can end up in backfiring on you itself. Just regard it as a Monday night that happens just outta nowhere and becomes one of the highlights of the month! Because sometimes the best of memories you make on your holiday are the ones that strike up unexpectedly from a good conversation, wonderful people around you and a tasty meal!!

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3. Do your research in advance

Do your research in advance

It is and will always be a good idea to carry out the maximum amount of research about your vacation destination. Look into every single thing from restaurant options, public transportation, visa requirements or cab estimates. The more you know about the destination before you arrive there, the better your stay!

5. Set a collective goal for trip

Set a collective goal for trip

Traveling in groups can sometimes be extremely stressful as every single person possesses different set of preferences. What if you want to discover that old town and on the other hand your partner just wants to relax on a beach? Little upsetting no? What if you just want to sit in the hotel room enjoying bubble bath and movies and your friend wants it to be a party weekend? So when you are planning out a trip with your mates, indulge in a group discussion and set a collective and identical goal for your upcoming trip! What exactly you are aiming for- adventure, relaxation, celebration or romance? Have your priorities set and avoid that awkward moment of realizing that your expectation differs from the others!

6. Pack light always

Packing Hacks while Travel

Admit it, we all have been guilty of over-packing. Too much of luggage makes the unavoidable struggles of travel, getting to and from airport, dealing with baggage claim, checking in your hotel and what not!! just keep your clothing options simple and easy and pack only the necessities, well easier said than done, we know there are some things which you can leave while packing. Things such as hair dryer, heels which you wont wear, extra pair of jeans etc. You can avoid the baggage claim by putting everything into your carry on!! we bet, it is better to under-pack and be comfortable than over-packing and being exhausted. 

So, here we have presented you with planning a vacation checklist to make sure that you leave all your worries and stress back at home and have a relaxing escape!

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  1. Thanks for your valuable vacationing tips. Many of the non-frequent travelers like me do not know what to do for a memorable vacation. Certainly, knowing the things that mostly keep us irritating and stressful in the journey would help us to better plan and explore the beautiful sightseeing places without any hitch. Often I tend to take more than required items in my bag; most of them returns to home untouched. Packing a lot of things not only frustrate us but also make our journey incomplete.
    Stress Free Vacation