11 November 2016

Every Single Travel Hack You Need For A Stress-Free Holiday

Exploring places unknown, whether internationally or domestically is a favorite pastime that thousands of individuals embark every year. From the aspect of families, traveling becomes even more precious and valuable as it enables parents to expose their little ones to things which can be out of their norm! We here present you with this travel hack blog that can make your holidaying more fun, productive and comfortable! We are here to make your trip smoother than ever before!!

1. Travel Hacks Before You Leave
  • If you are traveling with your family or on all your own, look into reserving home instead of a hotel. Few travel websites can provide private rooms and homes from the people who are renting them out. They are usually better than those pricey hotels!
  • Prefer rolling your clothes instead of creating a folded pile when packing. Rolling your clothes in the suitcase enables you to fit more thing in it. Also, prefer rolling your inner-wear and socks withing clothes for a optimal space saving!
  • Scan your identification cards like passport and itinerary and mail them to yourself! This is a precautionary step in any event of loss or theft.
  • Mark your luggage as fragile. This is a tip which we have personally experienced! It is one great way to make sure that your baggage is handled with care. Also, your baggage would be kept at the top hence making it the first one to be released out!

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2. Travel Hacks For Departure
  • Carry your own water bottle. Some airlines offer water at prices which aren’t liked by many! Having your own bottle of water makes sure that you have water whenever you want it. 
  • Splurge on the internet services if your flight duration is long! You will thank us later when you would find that sparking a bright conversation with your seat partner is just similar to pulling your teeth! Also, if you are into some business you can complete your work before you hit to your destination!
  • Sprint for the bathroom, prior to 10 minutes of landing. Usually when lights of the seat belt come on, an experienced flyer will always know that he still has a span of 15 minutes of leeway until you really have to be seated. Grab this as an opportunity to prevent haggling for washrooms once you land!
  • Always ensure that you carry your own pen to fill out those mandatory custom forms. This will save your time as flight attendants rarely have those pens!

3. Travel Hacks Once You Arrive
  • Instead of money converters in airports, use ATM to get the local currency. This will prevent the heavy fees and exchange rates of these vendors as they are usually a rip-off! Use your credit or debit card to dispense local currency!  
  • If you are the one with flight tickets to US make sure that you have Yelp downloaded! This is one great city guide for tourists and local alike and is an amazing way to explore popular places to eat and sightseeing! 
  • Shop for all the basic groceries once you arrive. You certainly don’t have to shop for a feast, however, getting basics like few snacks or water from the local stores can save you ton in comparison to buy them from the hotel itself!
  • When you reach your room, take out only the necessities from your baggage. If you try it to make it like your home by taking out every bit of your luggage like each pair of shoes, all your toiletries will only result in making your repacking like a hell. Also, it would increase your chances to forget something when it is time to go back home!

4. Exploring New Destination
  • Make yourself well aware of the local language and use it as much as possible! It would depict that you are willing to make efforts which may work in your favor in some circumstances!
    Have a list of souvenir prepared, and adhere to it. This would save you bucks and would prevent you to buy things not so ‘needed’ ! 
  • Prefer eating in local eateries! Avoid MNC restaurant chains like McDonald, Pizza Hut etc and save them for your home. Trying out the local delicacies will help in saving you more and would allow you to taste new and flavorful cuisines! 
  • Do not be that stubborn traveler and get out of your comfort level! If the destination advises you to be in modest attire, let it be! It will make certain of your safety as a foreigner! 

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5. Travel Hacks For Returning Home Sweet Home
  • Unpack your luggage immediately once you enter the door! We know you are ought to be tired after the journey but you will thank us in the morning and would be glad that it saved your baggage from awful smelling similar to soiled laundry!!
  • Before actually departing from the country, donate your change to the homeless! Finally make make last deed a good deed. Also, you would not have it kicking around home, making place look untidy!!

We just provided you with every single travel hack you will ever need in your traveling life! These travel hacks for flying domestic or international will surely provide with some assistance to you, hence making your trip a little too smooth!

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