27 September 2016

8 Top-Notch Places In The Party Capital Of India - GOA

A bliss of scenic charm, beautifully settled amidst seas and lavish greeneries! A dream destination of masses! Welcome to the TOURIST PARADISE, GOA! Close your eyes and think of Goa, all you would think of is Beaches and perhaps a bottle of chilled Beer! Glossy sands, Exotic beaches and heavenly sea food! It’s hard to think of Goa beyond it’s beaches and seaside! Tempted much? Grab last minute travel deals from Toronto and explore Goa beyond beaches! We, here present you with 8 kickoff places in Goa to make memories that won’t fade away easily!

1.Baga Beach

Music, Booze, Party, Fun and lots of FUN!! Portrays the scene of Baga Beach! Lively, grand and always awake, this beach is undoubtedly the best in Goa! The sight of shops on white sandy beach burning with lamps! Crunching crowds! Live bands! All sum up to the carnival like ambience! Do stick around for a vibrant nightlife here!

2.Chapora Fort
Renowned for it’s history, Chapora Fort is one of the cream attractions of Goa! For the best sunset views, head to this bewitching traditional fort! The fort greets with the PANORAMIC views of the beautiful sea! The photos simply can’t do justice to it’s beauty! People aware of Bollywood, this actual DIL CHAHTA HAI fort is treat for your selfies!

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3.Club Cubana

Rated as the TOP nightclub in Goa for almost a decade, Club Cubana is a must visit party place in Goa! The beauty of this place lies itself in the way it’s laid out. You aren’t just captured in a space with loud music! Relax besides the pool! Take a dip! And just chill on one of the beds! A THAR to transport till the top where the club is, BANG-ON!

4.Dudhsagar Falls

Milky Showers! As the name says! This magnificent fall in the magnificent woods is a perfect nature’s gift and definitely a feast for our eyes! A thrilling, adventurous and fun-filed experience, crossing through tunnels! Also, accompanied by an amazing view! You need to extend your stay if you couldn’t cover these majestic falls!

5.Basilica Of Bom Jesus

Located in Old Goa, this world heritage site is a church which is a fine example of Baroque architecture! Built nearly 4 centuries ago, it is one of the major destinations for Christian pilgrims all across the globe! Acclaimed as the final resting place of Saint Francis Xavier! Feeling of awe of the beauty of the architecture still a feeling of peace as you stroll through the traditional and new buildings!

6.The Saturday Night Market

World’s Local market! Need an excuse to shop? This retro styled and artisan night market caters a vast array of colors and scenes! A Kaleidoscope of stalls featuring cultural prominence from all over the world! A buzzing place frequented by masses amidst live band performances, this a great shopping getaway! Don’t forget to bargain!

7.Deltin Royale Casino

India’s classiest casino, Deltin Royale tenders everything you have ever desired from a casino! Trained dealers, live performances by top artists, gourmet cuisine and a family-friendly aura! This place redefines luxury! Do take you luck along with you! Haha!

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8. Milsim Goa

All about simulating military synopsis and strategies! Crawl, Jump, Hide Or Shoot! A perfect team-building activity merged with teamwork, competition, brainpower and a collective load of fun into single package! Off-beat from the usual beach grind, this place serves as the perfect adrenalin punch! Stay humble and sober!!

Free sunshine! Free surf! Free sand! The best things in life are always free! This quote must had GOA in mind! Keep calm, seize last minute flight deals from Toronto, and fly to this tireless insomniac fiesta GOA!! And have your soul and heart set!

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