4 January 2017

How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets Online? We Know The Trick!

We are always here to provide our loving customers with the great services of flights, hotel bookings, care hire services, much needed and deserving holiday packages and even the mandatory travel insurance plans!
We also love to advise people in how they can save more on booking flights. After all, we are Tripbeam.com! We always seek for the ways to get cheap airline tickets, we all do it, nothing being a miser as such! 

With monotonous search engines and repeatedly fluctuating prices, the approach to economical flight booking is overpowering! 

Now check out these 6 best ways to get cheap flights online to save your time, frustration and of course, money and make your trip a more pleasing one, without doing much damage to your wallet!

 1. Always Compare Flight Prices
No matter how catchy it sounds, you should never book the very first fare you see! You should always compare the rates of different travel portals. Relying on only one travel portal to give you the best prices is little silly! So compare the airfare prices, it won’t consume much of your time and save you loads!

2. Set Airfare Alerts

The hardest and most tedious task of booking flight tickets is to know the right time to stop tracking air fares and make your final purchase! If you know exactly when and where do you want to go well in advance, set your airfare alerts. Boom, you are surprised with the great deals and offers! Also don’t forget to sign up for the newsletters to keep you alerted with low fares and discounts from your favorite airlines.

How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets Online?

3. Few Days Are Cheaper Than Others

The day of the month you fly can unknowingly make a huge difference in your air fare. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually said to be least expensive days to fly whereas, Friday and Sunday being the most expensive! And if you are flexible regarding your travel dates, do explore bunch of alternate flight dates because you never know there might be few dates that cater lower fares than the dates around! 

4. Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets

Knowing when to book your flight tickets is said to be the best bet to save huge on your money. Somewhere between 21-120 days in advance of your travel date is the sweet spot for you to book your tickets. And, talking about the time factor, a research carried out demonstrates that the best time of the day to book the flight tickets is Tuesday, 3 pm(Eastern Time).

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5. Frequently Check Facebook and Twitter
Airlines and travel portals keep on experimenting with the blasting fares through social media, including Tripbeam.com too! Few of our exclusive deals vanish within hours! So hop onto these deals and keep yourself updated. Some travel portals announce special sales only on Facebook which can save you lots!

6. Don’t Overlook Small Carriers

Often search engines drag small airline carriers to the bottom of their pages! Don’t be foolish and silly enough to overlook or ignore them. We don’t say they should be your prime option, but who doesn’t like saving great great bucks on mere airline tickets! Discounters some times should be an option!

Unfortunately, for the drowsy travelers, there is no real shortcut to cheap air fares. But if you are willing to invest a little time, these 6 tips and tricks to buy cheap flight tickets online can save huge on your upcoming flight and would be a sweet and cute bargain on the air fares!

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