30 December 2016

Celebrating New Year’s Eve At Times Square NYC? We Have Few Tips For You!

Come Christmas and entire of USA gets into an ultimate vacation mode! The longest awaited holiday of the year, New Year’s eve is climax of this holiday season and people in US know how to celebrate it right. New York’s Times Square is not doubt the utmost trending hashtag for weeks to follow. So if you are planning to celebrate this New Year’s eve 2017 in this iconic Times Square, you gonna witness one of the biggest and best celebrations of the year! And yeah, you certainly wont be alone there. So book your New years vacation packages and in the spirit of famous ball drop, be a part of countdown to the New Year. 

To make sure that your experience is pleasant, safe and a memorable one we have penned down few Times Square tips for New Year’s eve!

New Year Celebration with Tripbeam

You DO NOT Have To Pay To Visit Times Square On New Years Eve

Times Square celebration

Times Square celebration is a free event which is open to public and follows the rule of first-come first-service! So yes, you don’t have to pay a single penny to go to Times Square NYC. And providing you a pro-tip; there are NO separate public viewing places available at a cost, so please do not get swindled up into buying ‘tickets’!

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Plan To Stay Weekend And Visit Few Top Attractions

Are you traveling out of time to enjoy New York’s NYE celebrations? We advice turning your NYE celebration in New York into a fun-filled getaway by visiting few of the top attractions and activities. Depending on how much energetic vibes you are suffused with buy your NYC explorer pass and traverse this beautiful city, all dressed up with New Year decorations. 

You can choose from a plethora of New York all inclusive packages and save huge off combined admissions vs paying at gate!

Bathroom Tip

This is the life saving tip, ha ha! Make sure you freshen up yourselves before you arrive here. This is the probably the most Frequently Asked Question the visitors ask during the event, where are bathrooms? There are however no portable bathrooms in Times Square, so plan to use bathrooms before you arrive here.
However, if you leave to use the restrooms in nearby local restaurants, then you most likely wouldn’t be able to retain your hard-earned viewing spot! A good viewing area is little hard to find so if you get a good viewing spot, you certainly won’t like to give it up.

Eat Beforehand Or Carry Some Energy Bars

New Year Celebration in Bars

Don’t expect any food vendors or portable food joints in Times Square. There are no licensed food vendors at Times Square during New Year’s celebration. Nevertheless, there are several of good restaurants in and around Times Square, so do plan efficiently ahead of time to catch up that route!
If you earn a good spot to view, you gonna loose it if you leave it to grab some food.

Leave The Backpacks And Bags At Home Or Hotel

At the entry points and at designated viewing areas you will be searched with hand-held wand! Knapsacks and large bags would not be permitted at all and yes, all bags will be searched. So, it is best not to bring any bag at all!

No Alcohol At Times Square

Sorry folks, alcohol is not allowed in Times Square as public drinking here in New York City is illegal! If you try to sneak in alcohol, police will confiscate all. So, its better to leave that back.

Don’t Miss Seeing The Ball Raised

There is a lot of standing around while you are waiting for the celebrations to begin so watch everything you can! Times Square New Year’s eve Ball is raised up 77 feet flagpole at top of One Times Square at around 6 in the evening.

Find A Good Spot To Watch The Ball Drop

So whats the best way to see the ball drop at Times Square? It is really simple, the designated viewing places are filled up on first come first serve basis! So there is no hard secret on how to get the best view possible, just arrive at the earliest.

So, finally you are in one of the most renowned places on earth to celebrate the New Year! Be a part of this happening new years eve party and make sure you enjoy it.

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