9 January 2017

6 Things You Being A ‘Tourist’ Must Know About Mumbai

Mumbai, the dream destination of majority of youngsters! Renowned as the ‘ City of Dreams’ and ‘ Financial Capital’ of India, Mumbai stands true to these titles. It is like  more of a transit zone, connecting international and national travelers to rest of India effortlessly.

While some people don’t regard the city of Mumbai as a typical touristy destination, we think that spending few days here exploring the city is certainly worth it. While many people have few misconceptions about this lovely city of Mumbai, just book your cheap flights from Toronto to Mumbai and we gonna share with you a few things which you as a ‘tourist’ really need to know while you are visiting Mumbai.

You WON’T Be Mis-guided By Locals For Any Information Or Help

Mumbai Travels

Many people hypothetically create the image of Mumbai as ‘ mis-guiding ’ locals who are hostile towards tourists. May be there words are based on some personal experiences (one in a blue moon ones ) but trust us, you really WONT be misguided by the people around you. If they really know how to help you, they will surely! If they don’t know how to help you, they will accept that they don’t know. It is very rare that locals of Mumbai will ever misguide you.

Your Meal Could Range Anywhere Between 10 Bucks To 100 Bucks To 1000 Bucks

Vada Pav - Mumbai

Mumbai is the place for both pauper and prince! Signature ‘ vada pav ’ of this city worth 10 bucks can fill your stomach at the cheapest. On few of the occasions you can be the prince by spending lavishly on the gourmet dishes at few of the finest restaurants. You can never go hungry with the vast array of restaurant collections here ranging from low-end to high end!

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8 Out Of 10 Cabbies Will Be Honest

Cab Service in Mumbai

Understandably, being fooled by the cab drivers is too mainstream no matter in which part of the world you are! However, few people are of the view that there are no honest cab drivers left in Mumbai and they play few tricks to charge you more by hook or crook. But this is not true, not all cab drivers plays tricks on customers, rather 8 outta 10 drivers are honest and take you through the best route and without indulging in any kind of cheating on the taxi fair. Around 90% of taxis and autos in Mumbai go strictly by the installed meter, therefore you know how much you gonna pay to them. However, you can always consult Google for maps and fares related queries.

You Will Be Greeted With Road Traffic Even At Midnight

Midnight Traffic in Mumbai

Yes, this is the city which never sleeps! It need not to be Christmas or New Year’s eve or any Saturday night to witness the traffic. There is always traffic here, so if anyone tells you that Mumbai is never crowded, they are false portraying its picture! Where? How? Why? It is tough to answer why there is so much of traffic, but yes, easier witnessed.

Street Food Is Not Unhygienic

Street food mumbai

People are of the view that street food in Mumbai city is not hygienic. But this isn’t the reality. If you are passing by Mumbai streets lined with food vendors, you will definitely feel the temptations. As delicious it is, the street food here is not as unhygienic as it is said to be. It is certainly hygienic if served hot! Given that you are away from the contagious places, most street food served hot is extremely hygienic and safe.

Mumbai Is Among One Of The Safest Cities

Safety in Mumbai

Yes, it certainly is! No matter what false you have heard about this city, it is unquestionably one of the safest cities to live in. Women can roam about freely until late night and be completely safe. Mumbai police has done well to add confidence among citizens for regarding their safety.

So, you want to see Real Mumbai? Gateway of India, Juhu Chowpatty, Siddhivinayak Temple, Prince of Whales Museum is not the true Mumbai which you will remember. Go out and meet the local people, drivers, the food, the traditions, lifestyle and way of living. These are the things about Mumbai which will stay with you till long. Book your cheap flights from Edmonton to Mumbai and remember that the true beauty of Mumbai is not in its monuments but people it accommodates!

Spread these words with all those people who keep few misconceptions about this lovely city of Mumbai. Spirit of Mumbai deserves to be spread and celebrated! 

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