23 January 2017

7 Simple Tips To Survive An Expensive Destination Wedding

Its a no hidden secret that groom, bride and the families often pay huge money on the engaged nuptials!! Even the smallest ones, intimate marriages can cost thousands of bucks, thanks to the venue, wedding food, most-important wedding dresses and miscellaneous other special touches! 

The more the extravagant a wedding is, the pricier it tends to become to attend for the guests!! One of your closer pal is getting married and the couple decides to go for a destination wedding in India in a traditional way. You keep on reckoning about what you can spend, you can avert busting the budget without any sort of wedding drama!!

Here are the 7 tips to survive an expensive destination wedding!! 

1. Save On Travel Expenses

Save On Travel Expenses

Traveling to a destination wedding is sometimes a serious strain on the guests, but if it is your best friends getting married, you might have to whip out your credit card! By lodging and booking travel with a large number of people, you may succeed in getting a better rate. Compare the car rental, air-fares or lodging separately, this may not completely take off pressure, but will make destination wedding easier to swallow. 

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2. Book Early

Well, it is not that you got to know about your friend’s wedding at the last moment, you might be aware of it since long. Sometimes the air fares drop as you arrive closer to the flight date, but if you are traveling to a popular destination during the peak season, the prices are likely to rise as the inventory sells out! Play safe and book as soon as you get a fare you are comfortable with. Also, booking with Tripbeam.com, 21 days prior to the travel deals will enable you to get the best of the deals!

3. Be Flexible With Your Travel Date

Be flexible with travel dates

There is no harm in arriving a day earlier than the actual date if it will save you lots! Usually there are days when there are flight deals which would enable you to fly without damaging your wallet much. So, don’t be too rigid about your travel date, if you are getting a great deal on the day earlier than the wedding date, go for it! Same applies for the date of returning back! 

4. Recycle Your Outfits

Every destination wedding has some kind of dress code, barbecue, semi-formal, a particular colored tie! And each of the function has a distinctive dress code! So instead of buying a separate attire of every function, purchase something neutral and change it up with the different accessories! Another practical option is to a rent a piece of clothing from various rental stores available! 

5. Learn to Say ‘No’
If your budget is tight, learn to say NO! Splitting your daily expenses just to go for a wedding which could be avoidable is not a good idea. They will understand your problem or even may retool the spending plans to make it economical for you to be member of the wedding.

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6. Should I Bring A Gift?

Wedding Gift

If you are going for a destination wedding, you compulsorily don’t have to show up with a wedding gift for the couple. Your presence to the place of the wedding is enough to prove your love for the couple. But still a nice card goes a long way in these cases. But if you still want to gift the couple some gift, do it before the wedding or after the wedding as the chances of misplacing the gift at the destination are high!!

7. Be Mindful Of Other Guests

Just because you are a travel freak, it does not mean that the other guests are the same. Sometimes, the destination weddings are the first vacation for many so they might be over-joyed and overwhelmed during the destination wedding. So take care about the other guests as well and plan your personal time accordingly!!

So, now you are greeted with 7 essential tips to extract maximum out of the destination wedding locations you are planning without creating a much loop in your pockets!! Adhere to these tips and have a happy wedding!

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