29 June 2014

Best Surfing Beaches in the World

When looking out for adventurous sport activities, beaches are the best places to visit around the World. Travelers longing for fun and excitement turn their way towards the sea shores which hold some of the most beautiful beaches on our planet earth. Here are some of those picturesque beaches famous for their fun activities, especially surfing. They are as follows:

Tamarindo, Costa Rica: Most surfers couldn’t resist themselves to trip towards the Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica. With its best surfing activities, it is reckoned as the Central American hotspot. It is an exclusive surfing spot with many luxury resorts holding exquisite surfer destinations. Here are some tourist spots, like Little Hawaii and Witch’s Rock which are most likely to be visited by tourists. Waves take aggressive swings and the perfect weather counts for maximum tourist attraction.

Huntington Beach, U.S.A: Huntington in the U.S.A. is world famous as the Surf City is abode to the Huntington Beach. Although there are many constructions done in the city, but any of such activity cannot change the surfing trend on its beach. For all travelers coming here, the beach is a ‘perfect break’ for them as it makes them ride on the waves with ease.

Isla Ensenada, Panama: In the Pacific Ocean, there is a little dot like coast on the land of the Panama. A place hardly found on any geographical map, this heaven on Earth is only 5 miles off the coast of Panama. But gradually this coast became world famous, attracting large number of travelers who play surfing as their life sport. It is a perfect destination for both nature lovers as well as surfers.

Gold Coast, Australia: Australia is one of most famous tourist destinations which hold both heritage as well as beach spots. One such beach destination is the Gold Coast which is an actual surfer’s paradise. It is unmatchable when it comes to sporting activities like surfing. This beach is famous for its excellent surfing conditions which counts for much of tourists getting attracted towards its coast. This beach is streatched to 492 ft where you’ll find the warm waters very inviting.

Waikiki, Hawaii: One of the most unsurpassed beaches in the world, the Waikiki in Hawaii to surfers is like what Mecca is to its devotees. The beach has all tourist friendly features, like crystal clear waters, constant sunshine and the waters rising high are awesome to watch. There are two sections in the beach itself, Canoes and the Queen Section, where novice surfers can learn in the former and professionals in the latter. The place attracts its maximum tourist count in the months from May to September.

Travelers when come down to surfing the sea or the ocean waters can certainly look up to the above mentioned beaches that constantly hovers their minds. So take your pick and travel to these beaches to fulfill your surfing activities.

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