17 December 2016

How To Explore True Flavors of India Under 6$ A Day? We Know How!

Who doesn’t want to travel? Everyone wants to travel! Some travel during their holidays and some travel over the weekends. There is hardly any person who isn’t inspired by spark of wanderlust! But, there are a plethora of people who long for some adventure but do not set themselves out because they are told that traveling is an expensive affair.

This blog is actually for those people who are of the view that they can’t travel with less bucks! You certainly want to travel, but of course on a shoestring budget for sake of constraint and adventure it brings along with it! However, we fit in middle of these two!

India, the pride of Asia, is one marvelous country where you can spend your entire day just under 6$, yeah, you read that right! 300 Indian Rupees is what you all need to spend your day here in India! Of course, few of the conditions do apply but, a good adventure never comes for those who aren’t willing to leave their comfort zones! 

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Let us share few of the tips, hacks or tricks whatever you may regard (based on personal experiences) to stay within your budget and spend a day out here in India for just under 6 Dollars! Just get your cheap tickets to India from Canada and we will show you how traversing at a shoestring budget is done!

CAUTION: You need to be rough and tough, before heading off here! And as it is said, when you do not have money, you have the support of your strong willpower and high inner motivation!

Long Distance Commute

Talking about the cheap commuting options, you are left with two options- hitch-hike or go for trains! Yeah we know state buses are cheaper than trains, but common, who would prefer going for a 24 hour journey when train can cut it short!

Indian Trains

Once you are in India, you will realize that you are surprisingly blessed with one of the most complicated yet largest railway system here! In every train there are few of the general coaches which allow you to travel for just next to nothing. Yeah we can understand that you must be reckoning about the crowd here, as it costs just next to nothing, but being on the optimistic side, use this crowd to gain motivation for yourself to travel in more challenging and such suffocating environments. 

And yes, don’t tell us that you guys didn’t make us aware about the stinking toilets, but just remember that a beautiful destination is awaiting for you at the other side.

Incredible India 
If aged people, pregnant women, old couples can survive this, Why Can’t YOU? 


Hitch-Hiking India

Well, the most preferred way of commuting for shoestring budgeted travelers all across the world, Hitch-Hiking can provide you an experience 10 times better than that of traveling in general coaches of a train! Start from the highway, stick out your thumb and start waving as soon as you see any vehicle approaching. It can take a few minutes to few hours to get your free ride, but trust us it would turn into your one of the best rides ever. Well you must be pondering when will we share the secret to hitch-hiking!! aren’t you? The secret to hitch-hiking is that there is NO secret to hitch-hiking, ha ha! If you are lucky enough you can even end up your ride in a luxurious sedan, chit chatting with local truck drivers and get to know the actual life style of natives of the place! Fun at cheap, isn’t it?

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Short Distance Commute

Short Distance Commute Hiking

Hitch-hiking is not only restricted to long distance commute! Here in India, most bikers will stop for you in comparison to cars. Yeah, no valid logic behind it, but yes it is tried and tested! However, if you are going within a radius of 5-6 km, Walk! Walking a few km won’t make you rugged and in return will provide an acute happiness on your face on reaching. And WALK, because you need to keep yourself fit and also walk because you have no money,ha ha! Trust us, you will fall in love with walking!

If you are not a social person, we are sorry people, you can’t traverse under 6 Dollars! You have to understand the power and importance of being social and relationships. You need to be highly sociable, moderately funny, awfully shameless and of course, KIND! Step aside your ego, strong opinions, radical thoughts and prejudices. You will be surprisingly amazed to learn that people of India actually NOT very shy and big-hearted if you strike an engaging conversation with them and win their trust. 

Budget Accommodation India

Cricket, yes my dear friend, Cricket is the thing which is widely followed by almost every Indian. Just strike up a chit-chat with any fellow mate and bang, you have earned a few good friends! You will be amazed that people would be willingly accept you to stay for free at their home and treat you like God, yup as Indians say, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava ’ meaning Guest is God!

Apart from this, stay in temples, ashrams, bus terminals, railway station’s waiting rooms, monasteries and believe us, you wont have to pay a penny out there! Yeah, it sounds little crazy and scary of course, but believe us, it isn’t! 


Drinking Water Free for Everyone

Yes, of course, if we would have been talking about 1980’s era water would have been a free resource, but we live in the 21st century where even the natural resources have been commercialized! But still, there are an ample of sources in India from where you can get water for free, yes free! Just carry an empty bottle and be attentive of all the road side dhabas, restaurants, public water coolers etc. No one is going to charge you a penny! If you are going in remote mountain villages for some trekking and stuff, just simply knock on any of the houses there and bang, free water! As per our knowledge, no one has never turned down the request of water, yeah of course we didn’t surveyed every single house out here in India! Ha ha!


Budget Food India

India is country which is suffused with local restaurants and food outlets which serve food at a very cheap price. In India few of the poor people also survive their day on less than 100 INR (2$). And here is your motivation! Step into the local dhabas and do not give a second thought! The amount of bucks you spend on your single visit to McDonald can feed you for a month if you swap that amount for a local dhaba. And above all, if you simply do not want to spend even a single penny on food, temples, Gurudwaras(Sikh temples), ashrams and miscellaneous charity kitchen are there at your rescue!


Others can include a plethora of things, but if you can well take care of all the overhead things, you can take care of everything else! Just have faith in yourselves! Alcohol, mobile and internet expenses, daily hygiene essentials and what not!

To sum up, when we have less bucks, we need people more than anything else! You will certainly learn one thing about different people, which is, they are all same. You will learn an important lesson of life and inner-self that who we are without are pricey possessions! Get your cheap flights to India from Canada, learn how to travel on low budget and feel the change in you beyond description!

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