5 March 2018

Do you wish to have some great Instagram pictures? Pictures which will make everyone double click, heart and save! Well, in this social world who doesn’t want to have some great pictures, especially when you are out on a vacation. What is a vacation without pictures? Nothing! In a social world. People nowadays are more interested in pictures than the stories. They want to know how your vacation was but through pictures and not stories. Now you know why you need some amazing pictures to tell what you have lived and how well you had your holidays? So if you have taken a cheap flight from India to Miami and have no clue where to head towards to get some picture to make each one of your follower like it and be jealous then you are reading the perfect blog. Yes! Below we are with some amazing places which will not fail to fulfill your desire for perfect Instagram pictures. Why not have a glance? 

Wynwood walls

This is a perfect place to capture a perfect Instagram picture. The Wynwood Walls are so Instagram type! Here you’ll get world’s greatest street artists who are allowed to paint the walls. You must have seen many of your knowns got a picture clicked here but there is no one who can resist having a picture clicked here. These colorful backdrops are just too perfect and also the amazing, meant to picture canvasses. 

LIV Nightclub

This nightclub is Miami’s hot attraction and is a hotspot for each self respecting nightclub goer and thus is another perfect place for an Instagram click. There are more than 50 installed lights and seven video screens, large enough to give you a perfect photo. 

Miami International Airport

Waiting for flights often becomes boring, the reason why Miami Airport is so picture friendly that you can pass time easily clicking pictures. Miami Airport is filled with pretty places you can consider for taking some Airport pictures. Everyone knows how time flies while taking pictures, so be careful, don’t miss your flight! 

Nikki Beach Club

There are n number of beaches is Miami but Nikki beach is one to be seen and to see. Normal people spend their time shopping groceries and watch little league games. You can lounge in the sunshine for something different. Sipping cocktail, dipped inside click an amazing picture. Like it’s too hot and you are chilling. 

Lifeguard’s hut at south beach

Technically these huts are home to the heroes known as lifeguards and they have amazing huts, all designed and colored. So colourful that one can climb up to have an amazing Instagram click. You can frame the huts in your sunset pictures too. You can have some outstanding images to make all your social followers jealous of your vacation mode. 

Miami Design Street

This street in Miami is best to pick for some fresh items for your closet. Dress great to shop great. Shop here some hottest brands and collect as many bags as you can. Pull on your shades and click a perfect afternoon shopping picture at the Miami Design Street. You can also try on some of your favourite pieces and click some fitting room picture. They are in trend too! So above where some of the top places one can prefer to go for some great Instagram clicks. 

Have some best ones!

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