31 January 2014


India, the land of cultural and geographical diversity stands at a strong position on the list of most traveled nations in the world. Its charisma is such that travelers from all over the world come drawn to it. The amount of soul-enriching experiences that a person can have here cannot be weighed against to any other country in the world. 
When it comes to geographical sketch of the country, it stands high-headed with the mighty crown of Jammu and Kashmir, wearing a green gown of fields spread throughout its length and breadth. From the plains to plateaus, every inch of India is worth traveling.  The country bathes its coasts in the three main water bodies; Arabian Sea on the West, Indian Ocean touching its feet and Bay of Bengal cleansing the Eastern Coasts. These waters play hosts to some of the most beautiful islands of the world.
Talking of islands, a lot of beachcombers from different nooks of the world set their feet in India for the love of seas and sands. For such people, Indian islands turn out to be the finest getaways.
Let’s walk you through the exotic beaches of some mesmerizing islands in India. Every year these land masses experience a great number of foot-following. 

ANDAMAN ISLANDS: This group of 325 beautiful islets situated in the clear waters of the Bay of Bengal is one of the best archipelagos that people like to visit while in India. These islands are divided into two broad categories; North and South Andamans. The warm and tropical climate of this place is what makes it a perfect getaway for the beach-lovers. The lush-green deciduous forests and mangroves make these an eye-pleasing destination.
Port-Blair and Havelock islands are the prime tourist places here. For vacationers, these islands are no less than paradise on earth. Activities that a person can pander to here include scuba diving, snorkeling and wild safaris.A lot of people visit the place for weeks altogether for trekking and camping as well.

NICOBAR ISLANDS: Nicobars are another group of islands in the Bay of Bengal which are segregated from the Andamans by a short distance. The islands are popular for their striking and picturesque beaches. Indira point and Mount Thullier are the most popular places on these islands.
The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the seven Union Territories in India which together form a group of 572 islands.

LAKSHDWEEP: Stretched over a distance of 450 kilometers in the Laccadive Sea is the group of mesmerizing Lakshdweep islands. Travelers usually visit this island for exploring the beautiful reefs and atolls. Bangaram and Kadmat islands are the main tourist spots here.
The isolated beaches of the Lakshdweep islands appeal a lot of people from all over the world to visit these amazing islands in India.

DIU: If you’re in India for a peaceful and serene vacation, Diu is the best place to be. This is the calmest isle of India. Diu is known all over India for its sun-drenched beaches and incredible sunsets
The places that attract tourists here are the caves of Nayda, Mahadev Temple, St. Paul’s Church and Seashell Museum.If you’re planning a few vacations in 2014 and in case India’s on the list too, make sure you check out atleast one of these mesmerizing islands.

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