24 January 2014


2014 has just risen up the horizon and if traveling the world is on your mind this year, have a look at these five beautiful destinations where you must visit. Nothing can replenish a traveler’s soul more than experiencing these beautiful places.
  1. THE PRISTINE TOWN OF ANDERMATT, SWITZERLAND: Located in the snow-covered Urseren valley amidst the galore ice-capped mountains is the immaculate settlement of Andermatt. This Swiss destination is popular for its skiing resort. It acts as a connecting channel between the Northern and Southern Switzerland.
    Andermatt is taking the topmost slot in 2014 due to the impeccable services which are provided here to the skiers. Andermatt is about two exhilarating mountains: namely Gemsstock (Southern) and Natschen (Northern). The golf-course and spa center adds an extra point for which you must travel to this place. This place in the Adula Alps is a perfect place to spend winters for the ones who love skiing. Visiting this place in 2014 would definitely be the right thing to do.

  2. MUSICAL CITY OF VARAZDIN, CROATIA: For the lovers of music and admirers of architectural wonders, Croatia is the best place to be in 2014. Varazdin, set up in Northern part of Croatia is famous for its architectural bounties.
    The city is well-known for its baroque monuments and music festivals. Many old buildings in Varazdin depict Gothic Architecture that provides evidence of its connection to the medieval times. Radar Festival is the popular music fest for which Varazdin is popular in Croatia. The colossal churches and palaces are an eye-candy for the tourists here.

  3. THE PIOUS VATICAN CITY: This year the Christian pilgrimage city of Vatican is on the list of five most beautiful places to travel in 2014. Ruled by Pope, the Bishop of Rome this small city is famous of its magnificent sculptures and quaint paintings.
    This delightful Italian city owns the best gardens which attract a lot of tourists every year. Remains of building after the historical Bombing of the Vatican City are all preserved here. These remains narrate the stories of its diverse past. To travel to Vatican City in 2014 is a good thing to do if you’re looking for an archaeological dose along with a spiritual cleanse.
  4. THE TRAQUIL BEACHES OF SEYCHELLES: If you want to witness an exotic beach-vacation, Seychelles is perfect for you. This country is a group of 115-islands in the Indian Ocean which is popular all over the world for its marvelous beaches.

    This island-nation located towards the east of Madagascar is a perfect getaway for those who love basking in the sun and to those who love the deep blue oceans; Seychelles is just the finest place to be. Scuba-diving in the waters of Seychelles will give you a chance to explore the most exquisite corals and aquatic species. Snorkeling in the Aldabra atoll and other water sports are the bright points of this tourist destination. Give yourself a relaxing beach holiday this year with the Seychelles.

  5. THE VILLAGE OF CARTMEL, ENGLAND: If you want to explore a place, the best way to visit it is as a traveler and not a tourist. This implies the best for this English village of Cartmel set-up on the banks of River Eea.
    This place as an interesting connection to the history. Also it is popular for its race-course. If you’re visiting for your love of food, this place will enrich you with best of the England’s dining experience.
The list of places where you should travel in twenty-fourteen is a long one. Not every place you’ll be able to cover in these 365 days. So saving you some hard work, these five destinations are the must-go places for 2014. Pack your bags, get your flight tickets booked and set yourself for an amazing journey to these places this year.

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