20 January 2014


Air Travel is considered to be the finest way of traveling now-a-days. If the number of flights scheduled everyday all over the world is determined, the figure will come out to be somewhere around 90,000 to 100,000. The expanse of its fame is such that even for a distance of 200-300 kilometers people take flights these days. The factor which contributes towards this rampant popularity of air travel is the convenience which it provides to its passengers. By all means, it is the fastest mode of transportation.
Inspite of the fact that air travel is immensely popular; there are a number of people who do not find it a convenient deal. Some common myths are related to air travels which need to be set straight.
Have a look at the 5 Common Myths about air travel here.
  • MYTH #1: Air Traveling is Expensive: With all the facilities that air traveling provides, it is not an expensive venture. Airfares do rise and fall every now and then. Inspite of the increase in the price of fuel, airfares have not increased a lot since 2000. 40 years ago, airfares were much higher than they are now. There is however some subsidiary fares which airlines levy on their passengers making flying sound like an expensive thing to do. For the world of facilities and comfort which airlines provide, these charges are worth it.
  • MYTH #2: If you Miss the Flight, You’ll Get the Next One Booked for Yourself: In case you miss a flight, you will find the next one booked for yourself is a common misconception which most people have. Not all airlines provide next flights to their passengers. The ones which provide such facilities do not give it out for free. Some airlines might give you a free flight in case you have a valid reason for missing your flight like unavailability of a public transit.
  • MYTH #3: You can bring Lighters in Your Hand-On Luggage: It is certainly not true. Most airlines will not permit you to carry lighters or any other sharp objects with your hand-on luggage. Carrying such things might prevent you from clearing the security norms even at the best airports in the world
  • MYTH #4: Surviving a Plane Crash is Tough: Chances of surviving a plane crash aren’t bleak. This was proved when out of 307 passengers 304 had survived the Asiana Flight Crash, thanks to the safety guidelines which were followed by the airlines. Make sure you travel with the airlines which comply with all safety norms. Do your bit and you’ll definitely survive a plane crash.
  • MYTH #5: The Air on the Flight is Full of Pathogens: Many people think that air on the flights is dirty and infected. In relation to this, the contrast is true. The air on planes is very clean. It is air is cleansed through proper sanitizing filters after which is circulated back to the plane. People usually don’t get sick on the planes due to air-borne bacteria or viruses.
Getting these myths off your mind is very important in order to enjoy a good stress-free flight.

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