14 January 2014

Be a Traveler and Not a Tourist

Be a Traveler and Not a Tourist
It is essential for every person to break out from his cocoon and set himself free. He should liberate himself from the bondage of work and gift himself a tranquilizing vacation. But sometimes a vacation is misinterpreted as visiting places and clicking pictures. Is it really worth?

People spend hefty amounts on tour packages, induced by various traveling agencies, but they are often not satisfied with their experience. The main cause for this awful tour lies in being a tourist. The actual jest is in being a Traveler.

A person addicted to traveling and a tourist both might seem the same to everybody, but there lies a noteworthy difference between them. A famous saying demonstrates that for a traveler it is actually the journey that matters and not the destination. A tourist finds amusement in sight-seeing and story-telling of the guide, while a traveler adopts himself with the challenge of getting acquainted with different people he socializes with.

Many points are discussed below that explain the pleasure of being a traveler, rather than being a tourist. They are:
  • For a tourist all that he benefits from a vacation are the usual facts and theories of history of the places, which can be easily surfed on the internet. While a traveler experiments with new things, socializes with the locals and looks past what’s next to him.
  • It might be boring to get all the information about the place from a tourist guide. However, it would be a whole lot of fun if you explore the entire place on your own.
  • A traveler turns a perfect story-teller by narrating the exact scene and adventure when he was actually there. A tourist can only repeat his guide’s stories.
  • Tourists visit somewhere only for the sake of a so-called vacation. While travelers always explore something which is out of the box.
  • Tourists witness places and their culture with reference to their own habitat customs. While travelers just want to reckon each tropic as different and unique.
  • Tourists are widely seen carrying maps, translators or even guide. This indicates that all they need is a ready-made package of entertainment and amusement. Travelers, on the other hand, edify themselves with the new local languages and cultures.
  • A traveler never follows the instruction guide; rather he constructs his own rules and tips of travelling after acknowledging the visited place. While a tourist considers the guide as his best friend.
These were some of the basic views that help in differentiating between a traveler and a tourist. However, it must be crystal clear what marks a point in this post. Travelling the world is like a roller-coaster ride which not only offers you some experiences but also accredits you with new lessons to be kept in mind.

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