10 January 2014


Air travelling is one of the most interesting things related to a journey over long distances. It is an experience most people look forward to. Travelers look ahead to comfort and budget both, while planning a trip. Flights and airports are the two main things which contribute towards making a person’s journey memorable. Now-a-days there are number of airlines which provide their passengers with the best deals in terms of affordability and comfort. The hospitality and facilities which an airline provides its passengers is what determines its credibility.
Other than the flights & airlines, airports also play an important part in shaping up the memories of a person’s journey. The infrastructure and services that an airport houses are the two things that actually accounts to its efficiency. An airport with a good framework but average facilities will never be counted to be the best.
Here’s a look at the World’s 5 Finest Airports:

1.Singapore Changi: This popular airport governed by the Changi Airport Group is Singapore’s main airport. It is considered to be one of the major hubs of aviation in Southeast Asia. The Changi Airport has always stayed at the top of every listed pertaining to the Best Airports in the World.
This airport has gained immense limelight due to the fact that it servers nearly 100 airlines and in a week there are over 6400 flights that fly from this airport. It provides the best leisure facilities and caters to the comfort of the passengers like no other airport in the world. Its Crowne Plaza Changi Airport is the fifth best hotel in the world

2.Incheon International: Incheon International is one of the busiest and largest airports in South Korea. It ranks second on the list of the World’s Best Airports. In terms of handing baggage, this airport has the lowest mishandling rate of 0.0001%. 
The duty-free shopping mall of the airport is said to be the best one. The highlights which add to the popularity of this airport are its golf course, spa center, ice skating, museum and indoor game facilities. When it comes to the best hotels, Incheon International’s Hyatt Regency Incheon ranks seventh in the world.

3.Amsterdam Airport Schipol: The third on the list of world’s best airports is the Amsterdam Schipol. It is also the best airport in Europe. Amsterdam Schipol is Netherland’s main international airport.
 It serves a number of popular airlines. The facilities which give this airport a high gloss are its newly built boutiques, fabulous art museum and a splendid variety of hotels which offer the finest food.

4.HongKong International Airport: Ranked as the fourth best airport in the world, the Hongkong International Airport has a galore infrastructure. 
Being the main airport in Hongkong, it takes the twelfth place on list of world’s busiest airports. This airport operates nearly 100 airlines and connects over 190 countries.

5.Beijing Capital International Airport: Located near the Beijing’s city center, Beijing Capital International Airport is the fifth best airport in the world. 
Being the busiest airport in Asia, it caters to all the flights and leisure requirements of the passengers giving them a comfortable journey. 

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