21 March 2014


There are many places where you may wish to travel, but not many that you can afford. If you are a travel buff and are searching for a bargain then there are numerous ways by which you can make the most of your money. Here is a list of 5 such destinations that have plenty to offer to the travelers and that too at an affordable price:

UKRAINE: This is an ultimate option for travelers who are looking out for a blend of culture and history without spending excessively. The country of Ukraine is packed with rich cultural and history. It offers its tourists magnificent attractions along with delicious and affordable food, friendly people and also nests some UNESCO World Heritage Sites to add to your list of attractions. Visit this place without any fear of returning back without any money.

PANAMA: With the completion of Panama’s Great Canal Expansion Project, the city will be flooded with tourists and cruise-ships. You can plan to keep this place in your list of holiday destinations before the prices get too high. The city offers a plethora of things to the travelers including beaches, wildlife and lavish accommodation at affordable prices. One more good reason to visit this city is its local currency which permits the travelers to spend in Dollars. 

NICARAGUA: Owing to the stabilizing political situations, Nicaragua is set to become one such destination to rise on the global-map. House to a few thick-jungles, grand ancient-ruins and wonderful sunny beaches, not much time is left before the prices start to soar. The luxurious items are also affordable here. So, it’s time to go majestic with Nicaragua.

CROATIA: The access to Croatia in terms of procurement of visa has become a lot easier due to its joining the European-Union. All this is meant to bring in hordes of tourists; it won’t be long time before the prices reach rocket-high. If this is not sufficient to lure you, imagine it as a moderate and an inexpensive Italy.

SRI LANKA: It’s been a few years that this small island has been a topic of discussion but the country has somehow managed a mesmerizing inflow of tourism. It depicts wonderful landscapes and incredible beauty in spite a greatly worried political-past. The country has been a winner for travelers by offering an ideal concoction of scenic beauty and leisure at a reasonable price. Do visit some interesting heritage-sites and mystic surf spots.

Become a traveler and get ready to travel in these 5 beautiful and affordable travel destinations. Book an affordable flight for yourself and get set to pack some great memories.

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