30 March 2014

5 Best Family Holiday Destinations

Family holidaying is always a fun thought but a lot of planning and preparation is needed to execute it, especially when you have to travel with kids. A lot of things have to be kept in mind while planning a vacation such as where to travel, what to take with you and how to engage the kids. As summer vacations are not too far, let’s guide you about 5 ultimate destinations that you can choose for your vacations:

1. USA: USA is an abundant holiday destination and even a lifetime is not enough to fully explore this place. Each state of the country possesses its own specialty which will leave you wanting for more. Whether it is the ‘Golden State’ California, ‘Sunshine State’ Florida or the beautiful city of New York, US has something for everyone. Go for a road-trip on the wonderful Pacific-Highway to San Diego or travel in a group to catch a glimpse of all that is there to see.

2. DUBAI: Dubai has everything that you could wish for in a holiday destination. The stunning beaches, budget-friendly hotels and adventure-sports of Dubai lure visitors from all over the world. As the weather is hotter during the day, it is advisable to make your move to the beaches early in the morning and when the sun begins to shine brightly, go for activities like Dolphin-Bay, Ferrari-World, Ski-Dubai or just head to shop in the magnificent malls. Also enjoy the Desert safari in the evening. Dubai has so much to offer to the travelers that a single visit to this place is not enough to dive deep into its beauty.

3. THAILAND: If you are a family with kids then your children are bound to have a gala time in this country. Apart from the well known shopping-hub Bangkok, other destinations such as Safari-World, Grand-Palace and Tiger-Temple form wondrous attractions. Along with binging on the sumptuous street food, also slurp on the freshly-squeezed orange juice that is sold on the streets. After spending a few tiring days in Bangkok, go to any beach-town to have a refreshing time or just wander more in the country.Hua-Hin is one such beautiful town where you can have a fun time. The beaches, night bazaars and malls of the city are the things you will crave for more. You can even go to Krabi and amuse yourself in its shining emerald-waters, scrumptious sea-food, kayaking and rock-climbing. Another popular option in Northern-Thailand is Chiang Mai which is renowned for its shopping centers, ancient-temples and delicious food.

4. SINGAPORE: Ranking among the top ten cleanest-cities of the world, Singapore is known as the family-paradise. Loaded with delightful activities for the families, the country draws tourists from across the globe. Sentosa, Singapore-zoo, Jurong Bird-Park form a few captivating places to visit. You can even add various temples and museums to your itinerary. One can even go on a shopping spree in this beautiful country packed with beautiful shopping destinations. You will find profitable deals on various brands. Do not miss out to collect some cool stuff from there.

5. HONG KONG AND MACAU: Madame Tussaud’s, Ocean-Park, Disneyland, Observation-Deck, Avenue of Stars- the city has everything that you could wish for. Hong Kong is renowned for its bakeries and delicious street-food. If you are done with eating the Chinese cuisines then you can go for some grand international-options.In twenty minutes, you can reach the city of Macau by helicopter. Macau is a cool mix of adventure and entertainment. Summer shows like “Zia” by ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ and “The House of Dancing Water” at the ‘City of Dreams’ keep the theatres packed with visitors. The kids will take pleasure in grass-sliding and go karting. If you are someone looking for adventure then cover a distance of 233 meters and reach the top of ‘Macau Tower’ to sky-walk or sky-jump.

Select the destination of your choice and pack your bags to get ready for a wonderful summer-vacation.


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