7 April 2014

Top 10 Travel Mistakes To Look Out For

Top 10 Travel Mistakes To Look Out For

Even the most well planned tours can cause some issues when you fall prey to stupid travel-traps. Plan your tour in a manner that doesn't leave any scope for hassles and last minute changes. Making the most of your journey depends on how foolproof your travel plans are. So before you start gearing up for your next vacation, let’s have a look at the 10 travel mistakes that you should avoid: 

  1. Not booking sufficient time of connection between the flights: Travel experts have a say that one should leave a gap of minimum one and a half hour between connecting the flights. This will help in significantly reducing the chances of missing the flight and losing your luggage.
  2. Making an assumption that your passport is travel ready: Few countries want the passports to be valid for three to six months past your date of flight home. Keep a check on the expiry date of your passport before designing your holiday. As routine processing off passports takes around four to six weeks, it is advisable to apply in advance for your passport.
  3. Buying flight tickets at the wrong time: The most difficult part is realizing when to stop looking out for fares and buy the ticket. The sales can help you save a significant amount of your money but make sure that these sales are genuine. Mostly, the price of the flight tickets tends to spike in the final two weeks before flying. It is advisable to make your calls before the deadline appears.
  4. Not utilizing your frequent flyer points: Paying a fare is unnecessary when you have frequent flier points at your disposal. For redeeming these points, you are required to book early for your flights. A limited number of seats as flier points are provided by the airlines on each flight as a reward for traveling. 
  5. Selecting cheap over suitable hotel: Check and recheck the description of your hotel when it says things such as ‘near city market’ and then consider it for your stay. The word ‘near’ is eligible for expansive description. A costly hostel in the middle of the market will be way more convenient than choosing one that is in the interiors of the city. This will save you from the taxi fares required for commuting from the place of visit to your hotel.
  6. Not getting the money changed before leaving: It is always required to conduct a research regarding the matters of currency exchange in your city and go for the one that offers the best deal. The most prevalent myth of an international trip is that only the amateurs are required to change currency at the airport. This they owe to the notion that the exchange-rate of a foreign currency will be better in the destination city. It may not always be true as you won’t always find centre for currency-exchange at nearby-spots. The problem gets worse when the city is an unknown one. Therefore, it is beneficial to carry a requisite amount for the taxi fares and other petty expenses before you leave your city.
  7. Not purchasing a thing as soon as you see it: If you see a funky and cool shirt at the beachside shop then go for it. Don’t think that you may find a similar one or a better-version elsewhere. It is a rare case that you will find a similar stuff somewhere else. And not having that stuff may haunt you afterwards.
  8. Handing over your precious belongings to strangers: It can be the case that the passengers are forced to get their luggage gate-checked. In such a case keep your valuable possessions such as camera, mobile-phone, jewellery etc. in a ziplock or a pouch inside your carry on. 
  9. Depositing high credit-card fees: Some credit cards tend to charge extravagant amount for foreign transactions. If you are withdrawing a foreign currency, the exchange-rate can be drastically high while others may charge nominal fees or simply nothing. So conduct a thorough research and go for that card that doesn't disturb your pocket. Quite many credit-cards offer big added travel-perks and charge absolutely nothing for the first year. Go for such cards.
  10. Fighting with local logistics: Sometimes you may not choose to stay at a luxurious hotel but you still need a good concierge to help you with booking your tours, devising restaurant and theatre reservations, instructing your taxi-drivers in local-language etc. What you should do is head on the desk of the concierge of the nearest good hotel. They will be happy and satisfied to help you even if you are not staying in their hotel. Just remember to tip them.

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